Integrated communication solutions for every business need

Moshi Moshi Interactive provides customer service solutions to suit every need. Our services provide a human connection with your customers whether on your website or in your business environment creating happy and loyal customers.




Connect and engage with your customers on your website with ChatActive’s triggered messaging system. Create satisfied customers and increased sales revenues with chat messaging, video, voice and content sharing tools.

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Provide an integrated customer experience in your brick and mortar locations with VideoActive’s easy access to your remote agents through kiosk tablets. Avoid lost sales opportunities with instant face-to-face service and reduced customer waiting times.

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A visual phone service that instantly connects customers to your call center with the Moshi Moshi Interactive App where they can communicate with agents through chat, video or voice by simply inputing a unique service number.

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Key benefits

Boost sales revenue

By adding the human touch to your online experience, customer conversion rates will increase sales

Reduce business costs

Affordable option to increase efficiency in business operations while reducing costs

Customer satisfaction

Personalized interactive service makes customers happy with increased engagement and repeat visits

Cloud technology

Improves accessibility, dramatically reduces communication and equipment costs and streamlines processes

Customer Interaction

Share Documents

Advance your customer’s knowledge and understanding during complex sales scenarios with office documents, photos, videos, sound  and more


Help your customers navigate your website with co-browsing to improve customer satisfaction and up-selling opportunities 

Screen sharing

Share your desktop live to any device for remote support, demonstrations and collaboration

Smart Technology

Easy button installation

All you need is one line of code to integrate into your website

Triggered Actions

Chat communication is triggered when customers visit your website

Skill based call distribution

Match your customers with the best agent to suit their needs with agent skill assignment seen in CTI systems

Moshi Moshi Support

Get free video and chat support from our Help Desk and access to resources

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