Our online customer solution features

Empower sales and revenue

  •  Engage your customers with personalized interactive service that creates sales opportunities, repeat visits and satisfied customers
  •  Add a human touch to your sales approach with video and voice chat
  •  Advancing your customer’s knowledge and understanding during complex sales with document sharing, co-browsing and screen sharing increases up-selling opportunities
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency in business operations with our affordable cloud technology

Customer interaction

  •  Customers interact with you upon visiting your site with the automatic chat window
  •  Match your customers with the best agent to suit their needs with skill based ACD
  •  Increase your customers understanding by sharing office documents, photos, videos and more
  •  Help your customers navigate your website and improve their experience with co-browsing
  •  Provide remote support, demonstrate and collaborate with screen sharing and our Help Desk

Agent Operations

  •  Switch between video, messaging and voice chat for optimum customer interaction
  •  Transfer calls to other operators or add a third person to a chat in progress
  •  Manage and monitor operators skills and calls for quality service
  •  Offline messaging service means you will never miss a customer enquiry
  •  View chat history and analytics to adapt to customer and business needs
  • Create tasks and notes during your call to track additional customer needs

Valuable technology

  •  Easy button integration with one simple line of code
  •  With our cloud based technology there is no need for special console software, simply login through your browser and operate from anywhere
  •  We are mobile friendly so customers can reach you from anywhere, anytime
  • High quality image and sound provides a seamless and smooth customer experience
  •  Our SSL encryption ensures a safe and secure connection
  •  Supported on all devices, browsers and operating systems

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